Increase Productivity

Industry Challenges

Smart Controls & Monitoring

  • Underwater robotics and intelligent control
  • Self diagnosis, repair and isolation
  • Communication and data transmission (wireless and/or fibre and/or satellite)
  • Data mining and data management with focus on anomaly detection
  • Subsea asset integrity and performance management
  • Leak detection
  • Wet gas detection
  • Reservoir fluids monitoring

Simulation & Modelling

  • Reliability performance prediction
  • Economic viability modelling
  • Subsea simulation for diagnostic purposes
  • Subsea simulation for design and training purposes
  • Anomaly detection evaluation
  • “Soft” models, incorporating political, environmental, economic and tax factors
  • Flow assurance modelling for minimising lost production
  • Separation / Process modelling

Materials Technology

  • Fit for purpose conventional materials
  • Corrosion resistant and H2S tolerant materials
  • Materials resilient to sand production
  • Alternatives to steel (alloys, carbon fibre, plastics, polymers)
  • Coatings, cladding, lining (exterior/interior) (for fluids interaction etc)
  • Re-useable pipeline network (esp. EOR)
  • Materials characterisation of advanced materials inc fracture and fatigue
  • Recyclable pipelines for reuse for EOR networks

Subsea process(es)/ing & Flow assurance

  • Subsea processing, including sand and water removal subsea
  • Multi phase flow modelling
  • Modelling of non -newtonian fluid flow – heavy oil
  • Modelling multiphase flow under a high pressure regime
  • Modelling flow with high CO2 component
  • Well intervention from monohulls
  • Subsea tree repair
  • EOR esp. for deep water & CCS
  • EOR & CCS
  • Slug management
  • Water / High CO2 / sour oil handling