Reduce Decommissioning Costs

Industry Challenges

Smart Controls & Monitoring

  • Smart controls and AI applications
  • Underwater robotics and intelligent control
  • Self diagnosis, repair and isolation
  • Communication and data transmission (wireless and/or fibre and/or satellite)
  • Leak detection
  • Robotics/autonomous devices & digital technology (inspection, monitoring and prediction)
  • Onshore monitoring and control
  • Reservoir fluids monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • E field , UK centre for world wide subsea facilities controls

Simulation & Modelling

  • Comparative reliability modelling for design purposes
  • Economic viability modelling
  • Subsea simulation for diagnostic purposes
  • “Soft” models, incorporating political, environmental, economic and tax factors
  • Power demand management
  • Prognosis for fatigue & fracture
  • Data Mining/Modelling with Augmented Virtual Reality User Interfaces
  • Bundle and pipe in pipe decommissioning

Materials Technology

  • Cutting piles research
  • Cutting technology
  • Robotic cutting and removal
  • Recycle reuse opportunities

Subsea Power

  • Power for control systems
  • Local power generation methodologies
  • Power storage
  • Power reliability modelling
  • Nuclear power sources, fuel cells and power alternatives
  • Energy harvesting inc. batteries

Subsea process(es)/ing & Flow assurance

  • Well plugging and abandonment from vessels