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Autonomous Vehicle Control Systems Laboratory specialising in intelligent control systems for remote vehicles Carbon laboratory - isotope analysis and geochemistry with specialism in carbon capture and storage Coastal and Offshore Archaeological Laboratory - specialists in marine geophysics and geoarchaeology. Coral Reef Laboratory - focus on mesocosm facilities High Voltage Laboratory with specialism in undersea cables, dialectric materials and insulation. Maritime Robotics Laboratory - developing the next generation of maritime robotics systems (surface and subsea) Organic Geochemistry Facility - comprehensive characterisation of organic matter from the environment and geological record Research Aquarium - multi-use facility combining seawater tanks and other facilities. Hydrosciences Facility - incorporating the UK/s newest towing tank (138mx6mx3.5m) with high speed carriage. Capable of generating unidirectional sea state simulations. ITT accredited. 3D Chirp high resolution sub-surface imaging Scour Analysis - CFD modelling of scour development Cryogenic Laboratory - thermal and mechanical testing at cryogenic temperatures Tribology Laboratories - erosion testing, abrasive and sliding testing, corrosion testing, material characterisation Geochemical sample analysis - chemical analysis and interpretation Global Iceberg Forecasting - state of the art global models for iceberg tracks and decay rates Structronics - production of intelligent 3D structural components embedded with sensors and electronic components Transportation Laboratory - logistics and optimisation. Underwater Communications - bringing 5G and 6G technologies to the underwater domain. Simulations and experimental activities. Integrated subsurface acoustic and 3d visual mapping system to map the volumetric distribution of manganese crusts Deep-sea laser induced breakdown spectroscopy including a deep-sea raman spectrometer 3D visual reconstruction and slam technology for multi-hectare visual mapping of the seafloor Testing and Structures Research Laboratory - microstructure property relationships, material structure synthesis, design production coupling and fluid structure interactions. Micro-tomographic Volume Imaging - five advanced X-ray computed tomography systems for high resolution 3D images of the internal structure of objects


SMMI is the community of 350+ academics at the University of Southampton with interest in the marine and/or maritime fields. This community is distributed across all faculties demonstrating our breadth of interest.

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