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Year Founded: 1987


We maintain a range of high and low pressure testing equipment which makes us one of the largest and most diverse pressure testing providers in the world. We have five chambers of various size, enabling us to pressure test a wide range of equipment of all shapes and sizes such as subsea control modules, umbilicals, valves, actuators, ROV and submersible vehicles, buoyancy control devices and underwater housings The large WorkChamber is capable of simulating pressure depths to 1000msw or altitude to 50,000ft. The 3x8m chamber is ideal for subsea equipment testing, hyperbaric welding and altitude trials. Our large work chamber can be adapted for a variety of welding situations, and is attached to a full saturation diving system comprising of two twin-lock living chambers comfortably furnished for divers to inhabit for up to 28 days during hyperbaric operations, fully monitored via a control room. We also provide a large outdoor test tank which is ideal for testing and demonstration purposes.


National Hyperbaric Centre is part of JFD Ltd, one of the world's leading subsea operations and engineering companies providing complex diving and underwater systems and equipment to the commercial and defence industries.

National Hyperbaric Centre is renowned for its world-class facilities which play a part in each of the departments within the Centre.

JFD maintains one of the largest, UKAS approved, hyperbaric test facilities in the UK and provides an impressive range of services for research, development and testing. Our facilities are amongst the largest in the world, capable of simulating depths up to 800bar and altitudes of 55,000ft.

JFD operate the only land-based saturation diving complex in the UK, providing facilities for manned underwater welding and hyperbaric habitat trials.

National Hyperbaric Centre has had a historic involvement with lifeboat reception having been one of only two centres to offer such a service since opening in 1987 making us an obvious choice for companies looking for support in this area.

The NHC life support and technical staff work with the centre’s saturation system on a daily basis - our in-depth knowledge and skills are invaluable for a challenging task such as receiving a lifeboat.

Capability Statement

National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) provides expertise and services to subsea and pressure-related industries. We offer a wide range of services from diving-related training, hyperbaric welding, pressure testing, consulting and emergency services to customers worldwide.

NHC has been at the forefront of the diving industry for many years and our understanding of extreme environments enables us to provide professional advice and services to customers of all industry markets.

Development Activities

Considerable investments in the variety and capacity of test vessels within NHC testing have been made over the past 5 years, making our facilities amongst the largest in the world, capable of simulating depths up to 800bar and altitudes of 55,000ft. Continual development and investment ensures our exisitng facilities are up to the highest of standards and improvements are always made.

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