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PMAC Inspection is a division of the PMAC Group of companies who specialise in flow assurance and integrity support products and services to the Oil, Gas and related Industries. PMAC serves the global oil and gas industry from exploration through to production and transportation of hydrocarbons utilising a unique blend of proprietary expertise and an established range of technologies; drawing on a combined knowledge of practical experience in chemistry, corrosion, inspection and electronic engineering to provide clients with a unique design and manufacturing capability, complimented with a range of service capabilities. PMAC covers a worldwide market and have gained a reputation for innovative solutions and through its subsidiaries have gained a reputation for delivering cost effective quality services.

Capability Statement

PMAC Inspection is a leading provider of a range of underwater inspection services to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry on a worldwide basis. With numerous skill sets under one roof, PMAC Inspection can offer multitasking engineers, helping reduce costs and bed space requirements. The service offerings include subsea Cathodic Protection (C.P) surveys utilising PMAC’s unique system, Flooded Member Detection (FMD) surveys with combined skilled engineers, along with 3.4U offshore inspection co-ordinators.

PMAC offer a complete Offshore CP Inspection service to ensure the integrity of pipelines and structures. This service is based on proven technology with further developed hardware and software to meet industry and legislative requirements and experienced engineers.

PMAC specialises in providing cost effective inspection and our staff have many years experience working within the offshore Oil and Gas industry. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is available to help our clients with their specific projects no matter how large or small.

Our specialised services include:

  • Providing a complete solution to the inspection requirements of the offshore Oil and Gas Industry. From top-side to the seabed, PMAC has the solution. Preparation of databases such as COABIS, inspection drawings, procedures and reporting.
  • Provision of VisualSoft and our own digital video encoding, eventing and reporting hardware and software systems.
  • Provision of a custom built portable offshore office complete with cabling and basic equipment to make the mobilisation as easy and cost effective as possible.
  • Acoustic imaging solutions to provide an overall picture of the subsea assets and provide an image in poor visibility conditions.
  • Development of remote monitoring solutions to provide continuous data on the condition of the assets. Using web based interfaces, the data is accessible anywhere by those personnel authorised to access it.

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