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EnginSoft has been operating at the forefront of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES) since 1984. The SBES domain encompasses representing, or simulating, a physical product or process within a computing system. Once the product or process is defined it can then be analyzed and tested with regard to all life-cycle phases – including design, engineering, production, actual use and recycling – before any physical production or testing is carried out.

As pioneers of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in the late 1970’s EnginSoft’s founders understood that increasing global demands for effective and continuous product/process improvement across a range of sectors would not be possible through the use of isolated technologies or research regimes.

The real challenge of advanced virtual prototyping would always be the integration of relevant and emerging technologies into a unique methodology for designing and producing new quality product through virtual prototyping, simulating manufacturing processes, and scientific computing. Now huge progress has been made in the field of SBES. Today one engineer out of six uses SBES technologies as opposed to ten years ago when the number was only one engineer out of twenty. Within this environment EnginSoft has one aim, to give its partners and clients a competitive edge.

Capability Statement

EnginSoft is a 30 million euro Company with over 150 employees, 13 offices in Europe and the USA and a strategic shareholding in 9 supply chain partners. Regardless of the industry (automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, construction, energy, healthcare or machining) EnginSoft approaches the entire design process from conception to completion in a holistic way bringing together designers, analysts and entire chains of suppliers.

Specific services include:

  • Consultancy; project development, software customization, integration of different applications, the implementation of pre-and-post processing functions, model parameterization and optimization studies, high complexity (due to physics or size) models.
  • Supply of Software Technologies; general purpose programs, sector specific programs, ancillary programs to the above.
  • Education and training in the use of the software technologies.
  • Research.
  • Multi-disciplinary Services targeted to applied innovation.
  • Information Technology Services.

Specifically in oil and gas EnginSoft and partners provide solutions to complex engineering challenges linked to reservoir, subsea, offshore, production and downstream segments, either for whole systems or components.

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