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The supplier management community supporting the European oil & gas industry.

The Achilles FPAL community serves the procurement needs of the wider European oil & gas market, whilst maintaining firm roots within North Sea operations with an industry based Steering Committee of Operators, Contractors and suppliers working in collaboration to promote a fair and transparent supply chain.

Over 95 buying organisations and over 2000 buyer users are streamlining their procurement processes by using FPAL to source and prequalify suppliers for tender opportunities in the UKCS.

Achilles FPAL allows buyers to manage risk, save money and improve operational efficiency whilst facilitating continual improvement against the latest industry best practice.

Capability Statement

Achilles FPAL provides a fair, open and transparent means of selecting suppliers for potential tender opportunities. Achilles FPAL helps oil & gas companies manage risk within their supply chain. Joining Achilles FPAL enables suppliers to:

Win new business

Over 2,000 individual buyer users from around 92 operators and contractors organisations for you to promote your products and services to and be directly invited to tender for. Publically available tender opportunities enable you to identify contract opportunities and plan activities.

Measure business performance

Promote successful contract delivery to customers and compare business performance against key competitors using the Achilles Performance Feedback module and Benchmarking facilities.

Identify new customers

Access personal details for key supply chain, procurement and commercial personnel through Achilles FPAL.

Reduce overheads

Complete and maintain a single Advanced Registration Questionnaire (ARQ) for the industry, reducing repetitive requests for information.

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