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RPS Energy helps clients develop natural energy resources across the complete asset life cycle, combining our technical and commercial skill with a wide knowledge of environmental issues.

Capability Statement

RPS has long-recognised the importance of the renewables sector and since 2001 has worked on over 150 renewable energy projects worldwide, for over 50 clients, including developers, regulatory authorities and governments. Our particular expertise in offshore renewables and cables benefits from over 30 years experience in the offshore oil and gas industry and our extensive experience of onshore planning.

Our broad spread of in-house specialist skills, coupled with our track record of successfully completed projects, has helped to ensure that RPS is recognised as a leading global technical consultancy by the offshore renewables industry.

In the offshore renewables and cables sector, RPS provides all the necessary services to support project development, project inception to construction and operational support.

At the beginning of the cycle, we assist in site and route selection, project design and optimisation and environmental impact assessment (EIAs); we engage with stakeholders and conduct due diligence.

In the survey phase, we manage geotechnical, geophysical, environmental and ecological surveys (onshore or offshore). In support of construction, we can manage tenders and contracts, health and safety, and undertake foundation and cable installation supervision, and consent compliance.

Our practical knowledge of the entire design, consent and post-construction process means the RPS team is able to provide sustained advice through the entire sequence of development activities.

In addition, RPS staff have excellent relations with many of the stakeholders involved in the consenting process.

We are able to offer a one-stop shop for project development, with all the benefits this provides, fostering an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and the inter-related aspects of developing offshore projects.

Development Activities

RPS provides all the necessary services to support project development, project inception to construction and operational support. We have provided services from the early stages of development include route and site selection and feasability, EIA and consenting, right through to post consent compliance and licensing support during the O&M phase. Our project list is extensive and includes the following key projects (among others).

  • Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm
  • Burbo Bank
  • Burbo Bank Extension
  • Beatrice
  • Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farm
  • Fife Energy Park
  • Gunfleet Sands I, II and III
  • Hornsea Project One, Project Two and Hornsea Three OWFs
  • Lincs OWF
  • Lynn and Inner Dowsing OWF
  • MeyGen Tidal Energy Project, Phase 1
  • Montrose Basin Tidal Array
  • MORL Eastern Development Area OWF
  • Ormonde OWF
  • Race Bank OWF
  • Triton Knoll

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