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JBA Consulting is a leading provider of metocean risk management services. ForeCoast® Marine is JBA’s proprietary, industry leading, metocean risk management system; a system which has been used to manage weather risk and make key strategic decisions on a range of European offshore windfarms and marine construction projects. In additon, JBA Consulting has an enviable track record in wave, tidal and meterorological modelling; skills that can help you quantify the metocean environment at your site.

Capability Statement

JBA Consulting is an expert provider of metocean data, modelling and risk management services; services that are provided through its proprietary software, ForeCoast® Marine.

ForeCoast® Marine is an advanced metocean risk management tool, enabling weather downtime strategies to be optimised throughout the lifetime of a marine construction or offshore energy project. The system can be used to:

  • Generate robust estimates of weather downtime for complex multi-streamed projects;
  • Optimise construction and O&M strategies to mitigate weather downtime and reduce costs and programmes;
  • Manage and track live weather risks using advanced weather forecasting and decision support tools;
  • Demonstrate proactive risk management to clients, financiers and insurers.

ForeCoast® Marine has two key components: the Gamer Mode and the Mission Planner. The Gamer Mode is used to simulate the construction of complex marine engineering projects, in a virtual world, representing in detail all of the operations that are required to complete the project, their interdependencies, and the associated metocean effects. The system is used to test the effectiveness of alternative strategies and to optimise the construction and/or O&M process.

The ForeCoast® Marine Mission Planner is an advanced forecasting and decision support tool designed to manage and track live weather risks. The Mission Planner uses metocean and tidal forecast data over the footprint of your operations, and information on the missions you plan to undertake. Using these data, and a range of innovative algorithms, the Mission Planner determines the best time for you to commence your operations in order to minimise duration and weather downtime.

ForeCoast® Marine has been used to optimise operations on a range of projects, including: Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant (Costain, EDF) and the Rampion (E.ON), Wikinger (ScottishPower) and East Anglia One (ScottishPower) offshore wind farms.

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm: https://www.forecoastmarine.com/single-post/2016/11/29/JBA-Consulting-Reflects-on-Metocean-Risk-Management-Success-at-Rampion-Offshore-Wind-Farm

ScottishPower Renewables Wikinger and East Anglia One Offshore Wind Farms: https://www.forecoastmarine.com/single-post/2016/01/07/ForeCoast%C2%AE-Marine-to-Optimise-Weather-Strategies-at-ScottishPower-Renewables-Offshore-Wind-Sites

Development Activities

Being independently owned for more than 20 years has provided us the freedom to set our own priorities and the agility to invest in ways consistent with our ethos, which is defined by “The JBA Way”: innovate, everyday; create cutting edge solutions; embrace challenge, and; work collaboratively. All of our staff and our clients understand that these principles define our DNA and that they make us different; and it is through this identity that we have created our unique culture and a stimulating work environment for our staff.

Since our inception, innovation and the drive to use new digital technologies to create better, more integrated and more efficient solutions has been at our core. This is reflected in the quantum of our investment and the structures and procedures that we have established to stimulate and facilitate innovation. We invest, on average, approximately 6% of our annual turnover in R&D and the design of technology, a unique quantum in our sector. Today, much of this investment is in app and other technologies supporting the civil engineering sector, including through the use of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile technology, advanced weather forecasting, gamification and artificial intelligence technology, satellite and big data. Some of our proudest achievements are where we have conceived of an entirely new concept that has then led to a step change in the industries we work.

We have a Director for Business Innovation, responsible for horizon scanning and driving long-term investment in innovations that will result in step-changes in the industries we work. We have a Head of Technology, responsible for investigating and integrating the latest emerging technologies into our everyday practices. We have a Lead for R&D, facilitating a programme of investment in technologies that increase the impact and efficiency of the work that we do. In 2011, we established the JBA Trust, a not-for-profit company whose objectives are non-commercial, focused on promoting research in the fields we work.

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