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Pure Play fibre optic based sensing company for applications in asset integrity. Specifically for long linear assets in Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind.

Capability Statement

Integrity monitoring of linear assets by use of fibre optic based distributed sensing of Temperature, Strain, and Vibrations. Particular emphasis on applications in the Oil & Gas industry and Power Transmission. Oil & Gas pipelines are monitored for leaks and physical movement. Pipelines are also protected against third party intrusion. Power cables are monitored for temperature to identify and monitor hot and cold spots. By use of Dynamic Cable Rating, power cables can be safely "overloaded" to enable a higher load capacity periodically. Thisis especially useful for offshore wind which has variable power generation.

Development Activities

Shape sensing of power cables to assist in subsea power cable installations. Longer distances for effective temperature monitoring of export cables and interconnectors covering 100's of kms.

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