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Capability Statement

Blue Gentoo (BG) is a high tech start-up company concerned in the management of gas hydrates on a global basis. Established in June 2017, BG aims to promote Scottish industry capability and technologies to local, regional and global markets.

BG aim to be the champion for the development and increased knowledge of gas hydrates for the entire gas production industry worldwide.

BG is an organisation developed and run by industry experts, for the O&G industry. It supports the gas production industry as a focal point for associated technologies, and represents part of the gas supply chain management. BG products and services are supplied to a range of companies from large multi-national operators, large and small front end engineering design houses, main contractors and SME’s through to universities and individuals working within and interested in the gas hydrates business.

Development Activities

Gas Hydrates - BG are working with a consortium of Scottish universities to develop a smart gas hydrate management system. This will build on the existing capability of HydraCHEK and incorporate data analytics to result in a system, which monitors well conditions in real time and adjusts MEG (or other inhibitor) injection rates to maintain an agreed margin of safety against hydrate formation. This will deliver significant cost savings through lower chemical usage and an optimised sizing of the MEG regeneration plant. An additional benefit is a reduced environmental footprint and energy consumption. This is expected to be available in Q4 2018.

Wax - We are embarking on a joint industry project with a Scottish university to further the knowledge and understanding of wax and asphaltene problems that exist for oil and gas producers. The objective being to develop a reliable predictive software tool, which provides real time monitoring and surveillance in the field of this key flow assurance issue. We expect this to commence in 2Q 2018 with field testing to be performed in Q1 2019.

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