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A leading independent technology business

BHR Group is an exceptional team of highly skilled experts in fluid engineering and problem solving. We are specialists in understanding how fluids behave, how they interact with each other and how they react with their surroundings.

We use this knowledge to design new or improve existing products and processes for customers who work in the environmental, process and energy industries.

We grew out of the BHRA (British Hydromechanics Research Association), one of the founding research associations established by the UK government in the late 1940s. Building on this heritage with a culture of innovation and collaboration, we have been privately owned since 1989, located on the Cranfield University campus.

Capability Statement

Realise your product development goals and validate emerging applications with a reliable partner

  • Utilise our experimental facility with 4,000 m² laboratory space
  • Test your downhole equipment up to 300 bar with our downhole rig
  • Reduce decommissioning costs with our water jet cutting system (high pressure cold-cutting perfect for hazardous and difficult to access environment)
  • Achieve thermal insulation qualification with small scale hyperbaric vessel and large scale thermal testing
  • Undertake erosion testing at high pressure/high flow rates with our blowdown rig facility
  • Attain experimental/numerical validation through mathematical model development
  • Challenge us on simulation and modelling (FEA, CFD, Slow/Fast Transient, Surge Analysis)

To find out more about how we can work together contact:

  • Benoît Post, Energy and Process Teams
  • T: +44 (0) 7880 190 600
  • E:

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