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DeepOcean is an integrated provider of safe, high quality, innovative services and technologies for the subsea industry. Operating within a challenging industry, DeepOcean is committed to protecting the health and safety of all people involved with its activities, and thus achieving a safe and incident free workplace, with high standards of environmental responsibility and pollution prevention. DeepOcean strives for relentless customer focus and operational excellence, which is supported by a global team of highly professional and experienced project teams. The company delivers innovative engineering solutions and turnkey project management for complex offshore operations.

Capability Statement

Demonstrating an extensive track record, DeepOcean offers a breadth of subsea services including Survey and Seabed-mapping, Subsea Installation, Seabed Intervention, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), and Decommissioning. This strong portfolio of services, coupled with a fleet of owned and controlled specialised equipment and multi-purpose support spreads, enables DeepOcean to bundle its subsea services to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.

Development Activities

  1. Delivered new cable installation vessel, Maersk Connector in 2016. The vessel has an innovative dual basket carousel design, allowing installation of HVDC bundled cables from a single carousel footprint. The vessel is also fully groundable with full load of 7000te cable opening improved methods for export cable installation. With vessel grounding, DeepOcean are working on grounding analysis, CFD assessment of scour generation, anchor and mooring assessments
  2. DeepOcean has brought online a new design of survey ROV, predominantly for pipeline inspection which can conduct survey at 6knts, dramatically reducing the duration required for survey operations.
  3. T3200, the most powerful subsea trenching vehicle modified and installed on the Havila Phoenix for trenching projects in the southern North Sea in Renewables.
  4. ADUS DeepOcean specialises in high-resolution surveys of man-made structures that are totally or partially submerged.We exploit the full potential of the best available survey and support equipment through the use of ADUS DeepOcean’s own advanced data acquisition techniques, coupled with our unique visualisation methodology.
  5. New cable plough will be delivered to DeepOcean in the next few weeks which incorporates some new design features allowing the plough to begin jetting in as little as 0.5m water depth providing improved burial performance right from the very shore edge to offshore.

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