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Red Marine provides intelligent engineering solutions to global clients working in the offshore energy industries. With a broad skills base, a combination of first hand operational experience and over 200 man years of equipment design expertise, we have a proven track record of delivering high impact solutions that enable the successful delivery of the most challenging engineering projects.

Our core expertise relates to the development and testing of high integrity, bespoke equipment typically for product handling or remote intervention in a harsh environment.

Capability Statement

Working as a trusted partner we reduce programme duration, cost and risk by the rapid delivery of intelligent engineering solutions to complex challenges.

Capabilities include:

Consultancy - FEED studies, Market Studies, Offshore Procedure Development, Design and FE Analysis

Equipment Supply - turnkey development and supply of project specific equipment

Testing Services - Functional Testing, Life Cycle Testing, Friction Testing, Pressure Testing and Drop Testing using our in-house Test facility

Development Activities

1. Subsea clamps and specialist remote tooling for offshore installation, maintenance and decommissioning activities.

2. Intelligent tensioner pads to allow real time verification of pad friction co-efficient and load distribution through a tensioner.

3. A test rig to simulate the dynamic touch down behaviour of a pipe, umbilical or power cable being installed on the seabed.

4. Offshore wind farm installation equipment including an intelligent sea fastening system and tooling to reduce turbine installation times and cost.

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