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Sonomatic is a worldwide organisation whose expertise in ultrasonic inspection design, development and application, dates back more than 30 years to our roots in the nuclear sector. Today the company has widened its focus and provides proven yet pioneering services to customers in defence and power generation, but our largest client base is in the challenging oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream.

Capability Statement

With internal capabilities covering software, mechanical and electronics engineering, mechanical design and field delivery support, Sonomatic is a dynamic organisation offering bespoke solutions to challenging problems. Effective, and reliable, field service delivery is made possible by versatile and innovative internal capabilities covering inspection systems deployment, software engineering, mechanical design and electronics engineering. This also facilitates more cost-effective approaches to routine inspection applications, for example, by providing faster inspection whilst maintaining improved accuracy and reliability.

Sonomatic’s capabilities for the development of software, equipment, scanners and bespoke developments, such as inspection techniques for Hot Tap, coupled with the expertise of our engineers, means we are among the leaders within this highly specialised field. Integration of the engineering and inspection services for non-intrusive inspection (NII) benefits the client by allowing vessels and equipment suitable for NII to be identified and reduces the need for costly plant shut downs to assess the internal condition.

Development Activities

Sonomatic is committed to improving our existing inspection approaches and to developing new techniques for more effective inspection. We also focus on the development of innovative approaches to integrity management. Our research areas are driven by market needs, as identified by inspection and integrity activity. Research is performed in-house by a team of highly qualified scientists and engineers working in collaboration with the integrity, inspection and development groups as needed.

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