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Cellula Robotics is a world leading engineering solutions company that specializes in the turnkey design and production of seafloor intervention and subsea robotic systems. Cellula’s products are primarily used for geotechnical and geophysical applications around the world in a variety of market segments including oil and gas, renewables, subsea mining and ocean sciences.

Capability Statement

Through its dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers, designers and technicians based in Vancouver Canada, Cellula has developed extensive experience in projects that require integrated mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and software elements in a subsea environment. Cellula has been involved in projects deployed offshore from the UK to Japan, Papa New Guinea to the Gulf of Mexico. Cellula supports these international projects with dedicated offshore personnel, on-call staff and a growing network of agents. With a client base spanning mineral exportation to Oil and Gas majors, Cellula has developed a rigorous ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and corporate Health, Safety & Environmental policy that continues to meet and exceed client expectations.

Development Activities

Subsea Seafloor Drills, Subsea Control Systems, Subsea Robotic Automation, Subsea Custom Engineering & Design Services, AUV's and mission packages.

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