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Headquartered in the UK, Proserv is a production technology and services company for the global energy industry. We have the know-how to maximise recovery, minimise costs and enhance sustainability. Our experts devise ingeniously simple and reliable solutions that deliver every time.

Proserv has a large global footprint employing over 1,600 people in 12 countries and we offer customers a wide range of products and services for the entire oilfield lifecycle. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of service, quality and reliability whilst nurturing a world-class QHSE culture. Our people are fundamental to the success of our organisation and remain at the heart of our achievements. Our expertise lies in the strength of our engineering capabilities, innovative solutions and field proven technologies.

Capability Statement

Proserv is the fresh alternative in global energy services. We are a technology-driven company providing products, services and bespoke solutions to clients across the drilling, production, decommissioning and renewables market sectors.

Combining technical ingenuity with design, engineering, manufacturing and field services expertise, we support clients throughout the lifecycle of their assets with a focus on maximising operational performance and efficiency.

In our ongoing pursuit for excellence, we are not afraid to challenge the conventional. Ingenious Simplicity is at our core and we are committed to helping clients produce more for less. Partnering with progressive, like-minded companies, we cut out all the complexity to provide appropriate, yet ingenious technology solutions delivered simply.

Our core products, systems and services are as follows:

  • Products
    • Data Logging
    • Gas Boosters
    • Gauges
    • Particle Counters
    • Pumps
    • ROV Tooling
    • Sampling Cylinders & Equipment
    • Valves
  • Systems
    • Chemical Injection
    • Emergency Shutdown
    • Flushing
    • Hydraulic Power Units
    • Pressure Testing
    • Sampling Systems
    • Subsea Controls, Communications & Monitoring
    • Subsea Trees & Equipment
    • Topside Control Systems
  • Services
    • Abrasive Cutting
    • Dredging
    • Friction Welding
    • Mechanical Cutting
    • Surface Preparation

Development Activities

Proserv are active in the development of:

  • Control systems for co-existing with existing power and communication infrastructures.
  • Next generation and wi-fi acoustic communications systems.
  • Integration of sensor / monitoring technologies to provide a bundled solution when integrated with our controls, communications and installation technologies.
  • Portable friction welding systems.
  • Water abrasive cutting systems.
  • Corrosion prevention solutions.
  • Autonomous technology solutions.

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