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RIGOCAL (which stands for RIGOrous CALculation) Engineering is based in Aberdeen (UK) and provides engineering services to the energy (onshore and offshore), civil construction and farming industries worldwide.

Capability Statement

The experience of the team covers the following:

  • Structural Analysis (FEM);
  • Civil Construction Deformation Monitoring and Dimensional Control (millimetric accuracy);
  • Geodetic Networks (local/continental scale) (millimetric accuracy for the local scale and centimetric accuracy for the continental scale, both planimetric);
  • Land Surveying and Mapping (from metric to millimetric accuracy);
  • Calibration/Verification of DGNSS, MRU and Gyro survey spec. equipment for the marine industry (through classical Total Station measurements and through new Kinematic GNSS technology, which doesn’t require the mooring of the vessel along the quay);
  • Software Development (Fortran, C, C++) for civil construction, land monitoring and mapping.

Development Activities

Open and Confined spaces dynamic 3D survey through multi-rotor drones (UAVs) with payload up to 8Kg through the following:

  • High-resolution photogrammetric sensor system for survey from the small scale (i.e. crack detection in the millimetric range) to the big scale (i.e. video, RGB/NDVI images of vessels and platforms and confined spaces like tanks, silos, hull of ships and mines);
  • Thermal camera inspection of solar panels, buildings and flares;
  • Corona camera for leak detection of high voltage power grid and lines.

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