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Reece Innovation is a product development and manufacturing business, and is part of the Reece Group of innovative engineering businesses, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. The group stems from the 1980s, has ~500 employees and offers products and services to Oil & Gas, Utilities, Defence and other sectors.

Capability Statement

Our core competencies focus on product development and manufacture, and span mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, materials science, sensor technology and signal processing. We have experience in the design and development of small and large scale mechanical structures and products, the evaluation and application of advanced coating systems, the development of data acquisition modules, the design and manufacture of electronics and telemetry systems for remote monitoring applications, the development of novel sensors, and extensive experience in developing powerful signal processing algorithms for extracting intelligence from a variety of transducers in numerous industrial environments.

Development Activities

Multiple areas and products of interest around areas of acoustics, photonics, condition monitoring, mechanical and electronic systems.

Working on a number of early stage technologies, using cross functional teams of engineers to develop bespoke solutions for clients specific needs from a number of different sectors.

Examples of past development projects include:

  • Crawler for removal of marine foulant and to provide subsurface inspection capabilities in Risers and Caissons.
  • Magnetic crawler for cleaning metallic surfaces, including wind turbines, ship hulls, rig structures etc.
  • Mooring chain crawler for cleaning operations and NDT inspection.
  • ROV tooling development and manufacture.
  • Mechanical handling equipment design and manufacture for harsh environments.
  • Leak detection equipment development for subsea applications.
  • Blockage detection within subsea pipelines.
  • External flow characterisation of pipes, i.e. identification sand ingress or particulates that may lead to erosion within pipelines.
  • Data loggers and remote condition monitoring systems for harsh environments.
  • Custom designed Centralizers for completion/cementing applications in oil wells.

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