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Optical Metrology Services (OMS) is a UK-based company with satellite offices in the United States, Brazil and Kazakhstan. OMS is passionate about innovation and has been providing measurement and inspection solutions to businesses around globe for more than 10 years. Our capabilities enable organisations to operate efficiently and effectively with peace of mind that their assets are within project specification and fit for purpose.

Capability Statement

OMS technology can be used to inspect, measure, visualise and repair assets in hard to reach locations such as ducts, pipelines or remote spaces. Potentially problematic conditions such as shape, ovality, wear, dents, protrusions, wrinkling, oxidation, discolouration, corrosion, contamination or erosion can be determined prior to carrying out activities to address the issue. Comprehensive software reporting allows clients to fully assess the extent of defects in order make decisions towards a solution.

Areas of operational interest are within confined spaces where advanced visual inspection and precision measurement techniques, mapping and corrective solutions such as welding, grinding or repair are required. OMS looks to utilise its core strengths and provide the key to improved safety, process efficiency and asset integrity, whilst helping to reduce costs and non-productive time.

Development Activities

OMS is continually looking to improve its core competences and capabilities through innovation, efficiencies and collaboration.

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