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NEL is a major supplier of technical services to the oil & gas industry with a track record in several specialist disciplines, including process plant design, multiphase flow technology, technology transfer, uncertainty analysis, process systems, subsea and down-hole systems, and deep water technology. The facilities are able to subject components utilised both in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, including flow meters, separators, pipelines and valves, to the wide range of conditions they may experience in service. NEL is the custodian of the UK National Standards for flow measurement in oil, water and gas. The UK''s national flow measurement standards laboratories designed, built and operated by NEL, provide one of the foremost facilities for fluid flow measurement in the world today. The comprehensive test facilities operate with water, gas, oil and mixtures of all three fluids. They lie at the top of the UK''s flow measurement traceability chain and are therefore able to offer the best uncertainty for meter test and calibrations. Most are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025. NEL has long been recognised as a world-leading supplier of multiphase test and evaluation services. NEL’s wet gas facility extends this service into the very high gas fraction region, an area of increasing significance in the oil and gas industry and our new heavy oil facilities currently under development will address the future needs of the industry worldwide. L is

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